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Manu Crook$ – Sydney Show

$upremekane “Do the Mo$t” Official Music Video
“My Brother” Music Video

Halboro – “Going Now” Official Music Video
Chenzo Chinese Laundry Show

Winston Hotel – Promotional Video
Global Nature – Promotional Video

What we do?

We Build Brands. We are passionate about helping brands & artists adopt video to further connect with their target market and allow for an increase in brand awareness, leads, sales and fans. We adopt the lastest digital cinematic equipment to make sure your video thrives and makes a mark. Contact us to see how we can make video work for you.

Our Services


Before we shoot we must script, storyboard, book locations, permits and more to make sure the shoot day runs smoothly. We also take into account where the video will be distributed to make sure it hits your target market. When you work with us we do this for you free of charge.


Production is when we actually shoot the footage to later be processed in post production. Here is where half the magic happens. During production we are efficient and use the latest modern digital video equipment to allow for an amazing final video.


Post production is when we process and edit the footage to it’s final product using the scripts and storyboards visualised from pre-production. We allow for revisions and deliver and high quality final product to you ready for distribution.


Distribution is something that is usually overlooked by many. You have your final video, now what? We advise you on initial distribution whether it be through facebook ads, social sharing, youtube ads, cinema ads etc. We can also assist you set it up if you are unsure free of charge.

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