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Skylake Media is the video production company for your corporate video needs.

We are passionate about helping businesses adopt strategic video production to further connect with potential customers and increase brand awareness, leads and sales. This is how we are different; we bring results. Sure your corporate video may look pretty, but it doesn't mean anything if it does nothing for your business. However, here at Skylake Media we do both. And that's our guarantee.

Full Service Video Production

At Skylake Media, we’re a full service video production company. Our wealth of experience in video production allows us to go right from pre production and concept development through to filming, editing and post production. This means you can be confident your corporate video is in good hands.

Smart Production

Your corporate video project is an investment that's simply too important to fail.  Video Production is an organic, creative process and considering what’s at stake (your reputation/brand/investment), you have to put your trust in a someone with proven processes and a risk- free approach.

Effective Distribution

Effective distribution is often overlooked for  corporate video production. A project can only be succesful if it's seen by anyone. Here at Skylake Media we make sure your video production reaches the right people when needed through our background in digital marketing.

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Hip Hop Artist
With Skylake Media I was able to turn an idea and dream into reality, excellent and friendly service with professional workmanship.


Prestige Tuition
Skylake Media made a promotional video for our tuition business. He was professional, efficent and gave us exceptional guidance during the process. The video campaign had an immediate response from our target market and we would love to film with Skylake again!

Corporate Video - Profile Videos

Corporate Profile Videos are perfect to use as Facebook Ads and as homepage videos for your website.. Corporate Profile Videos usually last 60-90 seconds and allow potential customers to know the in and outs of what you do, how you do it, your mission and values. 

These corporate videos are relatively easy to produce but require thought into it's pre-production to bring you results. We use professional copywriters to script a video that will guarantee any views brought to your video aren't wasted and is put to use.

We find that corporate profile videos are essential to all businesses as they are known to increase website conversion rates by 20% (Reel SEO).

Testimonial Video Production

Testimonial Videos are great for Facebook Ads and for your website in the 'testimonials' section. Testimonial Videos usually last anywhere between 1-3 minutes. They reassure your potential customers of your trustworthiness and your ability to provide your service.

Testimonal video productions are usually great investments for your business, especially if you have low ratings online compared to your competitors.

Web Video Production

Web Videos are videos enhanced to be published on the web.  Web videos need to be short and interesting throughout as audiences attention spans are very short. We work with you throughout the production to maximise audience engagements, rentention times and minimise bounce rates.

Online videos will be dominating all across Facebook and Youtube. It has been projected that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will come from video. So now is the best time to get your foot in the door with your own personal corporate video production.

Corporate Event Coverage

If you have an event related to your business it's vital that you capture your event with video. Whether it's an Awards, Conference or Public Event;  videos can serve as promotional pieces for the next year's event saving, serve as training videos or bring in more exposure for a maximum audience. 

Custom Video Production Strategy

If you don't know what you need or have problems promoting your business with video, we can help with that too. We provide strategy sessions where we discuss the issues you are facing and we go through possible suggestions to make it work with video production. 

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